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Green2Go, your Local and affordable landscape and lawn care professional 

Green2Go, your Local and affordable landscape and lawn care professional 


About us page

We Aim To Please!!!

Our company takes pride in the work we do! We genuinely care about how our customers wants and expectations are to make there home and yard beautiful! We work hard to make your vision a reality! So call for an appointment today you wont be disappointed.

We do all types of jobs to help maintain your home and lawn; from seeding and sod to tree removals. We also do some home repairs and improvements.All you have to do is ask and we will give you an honest and fair price! We are confident in our work and we give our all to making our customers happy!

We service in pierce and king counties and surrounding areas.


Hiring Local Family orientated realistic People owned Companys makes the differance in quality and in price.. We know!!

We hear everyday how much more some companys are charging and our first question is what do the do that we dont.. The answers are simple sad and not what you would expect from a company that is charging the outrageous prices some do.. 1. THey (larger companys)send various differant people out to most jobs without the thought of a employee getting to know the property or the expextation of the property owner and thus creating frustration and lack of quality in their work. 2. they are charging way above what the job is worth either hourly or even quality wise.. 3 they rush thrugh each job as if its a marathon and dont get the specifices of that customer who is supporting their company and wants a lawn and yard the way they figure that sort of price should get them "the way they desire"

Just think of green to go and we show compassion and dedication in our work and if your not happy when were done it only because you realize how much you wasted before finding us.... WE WORK FOR YOU!